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We have been using our heavy duty bracket fastening system for many years and it has proven to be stable, strong and durable.

Our heavy-duty aluminum bracket is placed inside the gutter, every 18 inches and screwed to the fascia board.

Eavestroughs installed in this manner can withstand an incredible amount of snow and ice weight, rough winds and severe weather. They keep their original shape and appearance continuously performing their flawless draining task. Not only will they not sag, loosen or drop but since the system features no protruding tips, it avoids rust streak-stained gutters as sometimes seen with widely used ”nail and spacer” system.

If your gutters are at higher risk of clogging due to leaves or other debris, you may want to inquirer into our covered system.

Dicover our Covered System

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" Eric is easy to work with and always has excellent solutions to difficult scenarios. I highly recommend them for all your gutter needs. "
– Karl, Beaconsfield Construction
" Since 1987 we have had a wet basement. Ever since you did the gutters the basement has been dry. Thanks for a job well done. "
– Diane, Pointe-Claire
" When my customers ask me if I know a good, reliable, honest gutter comany that has an excellent quality of work I tell them without hesitation to call West Island Eavestroughs. "
– Frank Bilney, Dorval Roofing
" I have a 3x4 downspouts and yet the downspouts were still clogged with leaves. With West Island Eavestrough's gutter cover system, I don't have to worry about clogged downspouts any more! "
– Melvin, Notre Dame D’Ille Perot