Q: Why do I need eavestroughs for my house?

A: When it rains the water that flows off the roof lands around the house and can be very damaging to anything in its way, such as a wood or concrete deck or walkway, a heat pump, a flower garden, and more importantly your foundation. The water eventually erodes the soil around the foundation and re-slopes the grade towards the house. Water is then directed towards the foundation, freezes in the winter, cracks the foundation and then eventually makes its way into the basement of your house causing costly repairs. By simply installing proper eaves troughs on your house you can avoid all these problems.

Q: Do the eavestroughs and downspout come in many colors?

A: Yes, we have over 40 colors you can choose from.

Q: Why would I use a screw-on bracket fastening system instead of and old fashioned nail and spacer?

A: Nails always work their way out so that you have to constantly hammer them back in. They are also pierced through the front of the gutter leaving the heads of the nails visible. Eventually, the nail heads will rust, which will also be visible. This happens when two different metals touch each other. The gutters are made of aluminum and the nails are made of steel. Put the two of them together and they will corrode.
The screw-on bracket system that we use are hidden on the inside of the gutters and are made of a heavy duty aluminum. The screws we use are steel(for strength), however, they have a rubber washer that separates the two metals, therefore no corrosion. It also acts as a seal. The brackets are screwed on tightly to the fascia board making your gutters very secure. When nails are used, as mentioned above, they loosen overtime and the gutters tend to pull away from the roof allowing water to leak through the space between the gutter and the roof. For this reason, most companies that use nails only offer a 10 year warranty. With our screw-on bracket system, we are able to give a 20 year warranty.

Q: Do you have rain barrels?

A: We do not carry rain barrel in stock because there are so many different types on the market. Also, many municipalities offer rain barrels to their citizens at very low costs which we cannot compete with. So we leave it up to the customer to purchase their own rain barrel and then we can set it up for them when installing the downspout.

Q: How long have you been in the eavestrough business?

A: I started West Island Eavestroughs in 1999. Prior to that I installed gutters for 6 years with another company.

Q: Are you a licensed contractor?

A: YES. We are licensed with the Regie du Batiment du Quebec (license #8251-3912-19) which means we are competent, bonded and insured.

Q: What kind of insurance do you have?

A: We have a 2 million dollar liability insurance and we are registered with the C.S.S.T.