Covered system


Our covered fastening system featuring the T-Rex product is a continuous bracket and gutter cover that keeps your gutters clean and efficient!

Since the gutter guard is also the bracketing system, the gutter is as strong as if one of our heavy duty bracket was placed at every inch of the gutter. That means that there is no weak spot anywhere on your system so this gutter guard fastening system can also bear a great deal of ice and snow. The perforated continuous bracket, pierced at regular intervals, acts like a strainer allowing water to flow through or melting snow and ice to drip through and flow away normally.

The covered system is fastened to the fascia board at every 18 inch, with 1 1/2 inch rubber gasket screws. The cover keeps your gutters completely clean and maintenance-free allowing no water buildup that could flow towards the wall and cause water infiltration. It will withstand the test of time and will not budge. That is why our team is proud to install this system and confident that you will be satisfied with it as so many customers are.

Dicover our Bracket System

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" Since 1987 we have had a wet basement. Ever since you did the gutters the basement has been dry. Thanks for a job well done. "
– Diane, Pointe-Claire
" I have a 3x4 downspouts and yet the downspouts were still clogged with leaves. With West Island Eavestrough's gutter cover system, I don't have to worry about clogged downspouts any more! "
– Melvin, Notre Dame D’Ille Perot
" Eric is easy to work with and always has excellent solutions to difficult scenarios. I highly recommend them for all your gutter needs. "
– Karl, Beaconsfield Construction
" When my customers ask me if I know a good, reliable, honest gutter comany that has an excellent quality of work I tell them without hesitation to call West Island Eavestroughs. "
– Frank Bilney, Dorval Roofing