West Island Eavestroughs – for all your roof overhang needs

West Island Eavestroughs, based in the West-Island, was founded in 1999 by an experienced and innovative roof drainage system specialist.

Our team provides two different sturdy and durable gutter fastening systems:

Support system


Our solid and discrete looking bracket fastening system will sustain a great deal of weight while remaining strait, unaltered and perfectly functional for years to come. See how our quality products, combined to our precise installation technique, allows your roof drainage system to sustain the test of time.

Covered system


Our gutter guard fastening system is just as sturdy and unnoticeable while endowing your gutter with a protection screen. It keeps your gutters clog-free, ridding you of many unwanted consequences such as leaks, flooding, mold build ups or even rotting fascia board! Discover our T-Rex covered fastening system.


Both methods will feature flawless stability due to our refined installation technique. Using screws and rubber gaskets allows tight and solid drainage system fastening that will leave both gutter and fascia damage-free and allow easy removal of the system if eventually needed.

Not only do we install sturdy, aesthetic looking gutter systems, we also see to any annexed service that will keep your home in top condition such as:

  • Gutter system repairs |
  • Soffit and fascia installation |
  • Opening of soffits for ventilation
  • Rotten fascia board or eavestrough replacement |
  • Clean, repair and install leaf covers on existing eavestrough systems

“Friendly and polite team, great service, impeccable results!”